Why does Instagram block me?

Since the middle of 2019, Instagram has become more severe in what they call “caring for their community” for inappropriate behavior, going against their terms and conditions, or being spam. But this is just a guess. Every day more and more people ask why they are blocked, but from Instagram we only get silence. So far, there is no official communication.

This does not mean that the algorithm has changed, but that the rest of the artificial intelligence of the platform has been acquiring more data and has become more sensitive towards those behaviors that it does not tolerate. For example, the strategy of following and not following is one of those behaviors that Instagram discourages, as well as likes and comments in mass or those in which only an emoticon is written. What’s more, you can be blocked if you connect from many different devices or use multiple IP addresses for the same account.

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You might think that these sanctions are aimed at business accounts, since they are the ones that usually make use of these strategies to grow quickly and get the most relevant followers in the shortest time possible. And although many brands have been affected by these locks, users who use their account in a personal and non-profit way are also being harmed.

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So is there a mistake on Instagram? Instagram is limiting all users, regardless of the purpose for which they are on the platform, and the number of accounts that they can follow monthly, mainly because they want to have full control over the commercial purposes of an account. 

How is Instagram blocking?
There is a lot of types. For example, the user loses the ability to follow other accounts. You may also lose the ability to like posts or even comment. But perhaps, the most severe sanction is the one that does not even allow you to access the account and looks like this:

Avoid trying to access your account immediately if you get this message. Of course, if you go to your account and you get that message, you panic. “Wait a minute, what did I do wrong? Why does Instagram block me? What do I do now?”

If you use your account personally, you may be scared because you cannot connect with your family and friends on this platform, but if you use it for commercial purposes, the problem is really serious. A good part of your marketing and business strategy depends on Instagram and if it takes you minutes, hours or even days to reconnect with your community, you lose followers, customers and money. And for a company, this is unacceptable .

Before we see what we can do, let’s talk about those behaviors that are being the main objective of Instagram.

Why did Instagram block my account?
We already know that there is no official information about these blockades by Instagram.

The most recent statement from the platform, which could be related to these sanctions, dates from November 2018 when, through a statement released on its official blog, Instagram reported that it would reduce the activity that was not authentic . To achieve this, they decided to limit the actions that third-party platforms could execute on Instagram . The decision was focused on those applications that automate actions that, if done manually, would take a long time to follow, stop following, like and even comment. Post automation was allowed only to some “friend” Instagram apps, but always with these limitations.

For this reason, we assume that the severity of the platform goes to business accounts, who are the ones who make use of these applications and strategies to quickly create their communities on Instagram.

The accounts most affected are those that have just arrived on the platform or those small businesses that have more difficulty accumulating many followers. The largest or oldest accounts on Instagram have already used these strategies , they were allowed, they grew to unimaginable levels and they no longer depend on them to grow.

Spam comments are punished by Instagram
What does Instagram want? Specialized sites ensure that what Instagram is looking for is to prevent brands from growing quickly and organically and that before paying a third-party application, they need them and their Instagram Ads to get followers .

Remember something: Automation apps (even those used to schedule posts) run counter to Instagram’s policies . And although many times they can be used in a sensitive and professional way, you should always keep this in mind when hiring a service of this nature.

After seeing the reports of blockades, many specialized websites have been able to uncover what those behaviors are that promote sanctions .

Although there could be others, let’s see what are the most common behaviors:

– Follow / Unfollow: By far the most popular strategy for growing fast on Instagram. The idea was very simple: you were following people who were among your interests or niche. After a few days, you stopped following those that would not have followed you back. You assumed they were not interested in your offer, so there was no point in following them. In a single day, with the help of an automation tool, thousands of accounts could be followed. Many accounts gained thousands of interested followers with the help of this strategy. And if you have interested followers, you have potential customers . Imagine doing that job manually … there is no way to do it.

– I like in the publications of followers and potential customers: Few things are as easy in life as giving a “like” or “like” on Instagram. You are just scrolling and if an image catches your attention, you double click and voila, you have left a like. Being an ego metric, whoever receives the like feels, for a microsecond, important. So it was one of the strategies most used by brands to grow. Through automation, to optimize time and resources, these business accounts were leaving likes in the publications of thousands of potential followers. Why was it so effective? The follower saw the like, caught his attention and went to the brand’s account to find out who he is. Being relevant to them, there was a high probability that she would follow him back. As with the follow / stop following strategy, it was impossible to do this job manually if your intention was to leave thousands of likes per day.


Mass likes are spam on Instagram
– Comment on potential customer accounts: Another widely used strategy so far is to leave relevant comments on potential customer accounts. Here the key word is “relevant”. It is useless to leave generic (and equal) comments in all the accounts you go through. And that is something we see too often. Surely it has happened to you that a brand or personal brand leaves a comment in your publications that says something like: “Hello! I am @AnyBrand and I want you to follow me so you can see everything we have for you! ”… And so on in the hundreds of accounts they go through. Obviously, this is considered spam. Another bad approach to this strategy is the one in which the brands only leave an emoticon as a comment … and they go through all the accounts leaving the same emoticon.

I’m already blocked, what can I do?
The first thing is to stay calm. There is a solution and it is very easy.

If you try to access your account or do some of these actions and you see that you are blocked, a window will appear informing you that your account is indeed blocked. Here you will have two options:

Accept that you are blocked or
report a problem.

Instagram gives you two options when indicating that your account has been blocked
We don’t hear from anyone who has had any kind of Instagram response when reporting the issue. Maybe it will do something, maybe it won’t. We do not know. The only option is to wait . These penalties are removed after a few hours … or days. If you know that your account could have been considered as spam because those actions were abused, the best thing is that you wait. As we tell you, it may be days before everything returns to normal. If you can’t like or comment, just check the feed or stories, but don’t try to do that action for which you have been blocked .

Also try to change the IP address. Some people have reported that just one change of IP address was enough for the block to end.

Another “trick” is to use mobile data instead of the Wi-Fi network. Also try connecting the other networks you use (such as Facebook or Twitter) to your Instagram account.

If you are not yet blocked, keep the following considerations in mind to avoid being penalized by the algorithm.

– Use the follow / stop following strategy in moderation: Gone are those days when we followed thousands of accounts in one day. The data that we have obtained in Instamatico reveal that currently you can follow up to 6000 accounts per month . This is not an official number, but it is true in 95% of our clients.

If you have already been sanctioned, avoid following the 6000 accounts in a single month. Go with caution. It starts with about 200 and every month it increases little by little. Avoid following all of these accounts in a single moment. Rather, follow at different times of the day until you complete the daily number. If you have not been sanctioned yet, go easy, so that Instagram does not consider you as spam. You can still use your automation tools that serve you so much, only this time you must configure them so that they decrease the number of accounts to follow and make it look like natural behavior. Or use Instamatico, since we take care of everything so that you do not have to worry about it.

– I like it naturally: What is natural? The natural thing is what any user would do on the platform or, in your case, what a brand whose account was in charge of a community manager would do. Surely, this community would have done some research to determine the best marketing strategy for your brand and, in that strategy, it would have determined that ideal follower or potential customer. I would identify them within the platform, I would follow them with the follow / stop following strategy and then I would start walking through these profiles to like their posts and attract attention. How many likes would I be able to give in one day?Considering how easy it is to like, it would be a few hundred. Determine that number of likes that seems natural and replicate it in your automation tool. As with the previous point, start with a few and gradually increase the number of likes, but without exaggeration. Our data indicates that the natural is no more than 100 per day.

– Leave relevant comments on the accounts that interest you: Gone are the years when you could leave the same comment on all the accounts you went through. The platform, and its audience, have changed. Now he is more demanding, he wants to see you making an effort to achieve your goals , he wants you to break your head thinking about the best strategy for your brand to grow on Instagram. The strategy of commenting on the posts of your followers or potential customers is good. In fact, it’s great to get your attention … but as long as it’s not the same comment over and over again. If you leave the same comment or just a smiley on all the accounts you comment on, they will surely identify you as spamand you will be blocked by the platform. Again, the trick is to make your comments natural and thoughtful. Yes, it is much more work, but not only will you be safe from the blockage, but you will get better results.


Encourage relevant comments on the platform
– Send direct messages (DM) with relevant information: Direct messages are Instagram’s gold mine . Why? Because it is the place where you can establish a real and meaningful connection with your followers. Being a private space, you can offer a personalized treatment. And in a world like that of social networks that is crowded and it seems that brands treat their followers as a whole, having a one-to-one treatment makes a significant difference . So, are you going to miss this opportunity by sending spam messages that will not only make your follower ignore you, but could be sanctioned and blocked by the platform? We know we don’t. In this case, I nstamatico has the solutionso that you can personally attend to the private messages your brand receives on Instagram. The Silver package puts at your disposal our system that allows you to send direct messages to your new followers and also to existing ones. We have dozens of templates that will help you avoid the typical “thanks for following me, enter my website”. Ask us in our chat or here !

As you can see, we bet on customization because we know that in this way the follower will be satisfied and become a potential customer .
Remember that each account is unique in age, behavior and engagement. These factors are taken into account when establishing daily limits . If your account already has time on the platform, you create enough content to upload more than one publication per day and you achieve good engagement, you will have more freedom in terms of the limits imposed by Instagram. Cautiously find out what your brand account limits are.

All is not lost on Instagram. In fact, we believe that these limitations and penalties will make us platform marketing strategists smarter and more creative . The strategies we used to use will remain in the past and we must create new ways to continue growing on Instagram, at the same time that we use the tools we like to automate.The tools have to help us, but they will only give the expected results when our ingenuity goes further beyond the obvious.


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